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Shifting from Beat-Up to Build-Up

We live in a 24/7 non-stop world with instant access to just about any information we want or need, more than we can ever use. And yet, most of what we see, hear, and read comes at us from negative perspectives. We seem to be spending more time putting people and ideas down rather than building them up. Sometimes we just feel like saying “enough."

My partner, Dr. Kathy Cramer, and I felt frustrated and motivated enough by the constant din of negativity that we created a series of books that bring to life a refreshingly simple) concept called Asset-Based Thinking (ABT, for short). It’s a practical approach to focusing on the positive side of life’s ledger and using it to full advantage in everything you do.

Small Shifts Can Make Seismic Differences

Small shifts in the way we absorb, perceive, filter, and interpret information can lead to dramatic improvements in the way we live. The direction we take is up to us. Asset-Based Thinking zeros in on what’s working and possible rather than what’s not – that's Deficit-Based Thinking (DBT). ABT favors inspiration and aspiration over deflation and desperation…and it is infectious. The choice is ours alone to make.

Asset-Based Thinking in Action – Seeing Is Believing

One of the best ways to see and feel the power and potential of asset-based thinking is to observe and learn from how others put ABT into action in their own lives. Do your best to shine a positive and uplifting light on people who use asset-based thinking to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Look for it…is all around you

CEOs and small business owners, teachers and students, volunteers and public servants, teens and grandparents – these stories will help you feel better, live better, and raise your spirits. Another great bonus derived from seeking out these ABT in Action stories is personal growth and discovery.

Remember this truth:

The qualities that we admire in others we have in ourselves. You just have to know how and where to look for them.

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